When To Tell Him You Love Him – And Why Not Before

Have you been aching to tell a man you love him, but do not know how much longer you will be able to resist? Have you had boyfriends look at you with a frightened look in their eyes and then cut off the relationship because you told them how you felt? Are you dying to know why you can’t just tell him you love him and when you finally can? Well, today, the secret underpinnings of men’s thoughts will be laid out for you, and you will have the resolve to wait until the time is right to tell him you love him!
Like women, men want to find someone who will love them and who they can love. But unlike women, men are conditioned to keep their emotions hidden. Because of this, they tend to consider their emotions less, and therefore are less aware of what they are truly feeling.

So even if two people have the same attraction and interest in each other, a man is far less likely to show it, and less likely to be aware of the level of his interest than his girlfriend. What one calls intense love, the other will try to diminish as important affection.

Men also are very guarded about their emotions, so anyone who brings an emotion to the surface can be viewed as a threat. If that person seems to be doing it purposefully, then they are more likely to be viewed as a danger.

So when a woman tells a man she loves him, it’s as though she has stirred up a hornet’s nest in his head. Confusion, chaos, and discord. In the midst of such confusion and pain, he is likely to wonder why anyone would put him in such circumstances, and instead of hearing anything positive, he may just think she expects/wants him to respond in kind.

Because men can be so touchy about their feelings, it is always a good idea to let him be the first to tell you he loves you, to move the relationship forward, and set the frequency of contact. If he calls twice a week, then you can call twice a week, and so on.

By keeping yourself from showing too much affection, you are not only ensuring that you will not scare him off; you are making that moment even more special for the two of you. He will be secure in his feelings, and as a result, thinking clearly and purposefully about taking the relationship further, and you will have received just what you wanted. Taking it slowly when it comes to telling him you love him will definitely pay off!

By Tina Jones