Six Questions You Should Never Ask Your Guy

There are some questions women ask their men that are positively cringe worthy. You may even be guilty of having asked these yourself! Read on, memorize, and learn to bite your tongue.
1. Does this make me look fat? 
Though I’m a woman I’ve never understood why some women ask their guy this question. Do they really want an honest answer?? Of course they don’t, so why bother asking the question. I can just imagine if their guy answered “Yeah, it does. Better change or your Mom will think you’re pregnant!”.

2. Can I come with you to guy’s night? 
Ladies, asking this question just makes you look needy and pathetic. You have a life, right? Well so does he, and sometimes he needs to see his friends, just like you see yours. Guy time is just as important as girl time; he needs the freedom to talk without having you hanging over his shoulder.

3. Do you think she’s prettier than I am? 
The poor guy is damned if he does, and damned if he doesn’t. He’s with you, not with her; but if you keep asking this question, sooner or later he’s going to get fed up. Stash your insecurities and do something, anything, to bolster your self esteem.

4. So how many women have YOU slept with? 
Though it’s important to be open and honest about sexual history in general terms, there’s no need for specific numbers. So he’s slept with 10 other women before he met you; do you really think that will make you feel better about him? Chances are it won’t. You’ll just obsess and worry about how you compare. A bit of secrecy here is not a bad thing.

5. If you could sleep with one of my friends, who would you pick? 
A smart guy simply won’t answer this one, he’ll just look at you like you have rocks in your head. And he’d be right too! If you want to know what his ‘type’ is, look in the mirror. If he’s inebriated enough to actually answer the question, chances are it will damage not only your relationship, but also your friendship with your girlfriend. After all, if he answered “your friend Suzie”, you’ll never look at her the same way again.

6. Is that all? 
Whether you’re referring to the size of his penis or the length of time of your lovemaking session, this one is sure to pour cold water all over your relationship. You may think it, but you should NEVER voice it out loud.