Infant Colic Signs

Both adults and children can suffer from this colic problem regularly occurring pain attacks in the upper abdomen or umbilical area.
Another symptom of infant colic problem is the feeling of a soft belly (abdomen without tension). Colic in adults often indicate kidney or gallstones.

Infant can especially in the first four months of life have colic. They cry seemingly endless, usually at around the same time. The legs are pulled from the abdomen and the baby seems to have severe pain. With so much to cry, the baby air inside, making the problem worse and the abdomen may swell. The cause is unknown, but colic in infant is caused by contractions of the colon, an allergy to something in the diet (bottle), an allergy to something in the diet of the mother (breast), or just too much air get inside.

Infants between four and twelve are also susceptible to colic, especially girls. Babies who showed vision, clammy hands and feet have been nervous and very much of himself requirements can ‘unexplained abdominal pains have. They often have trouble getting anxious but pleasant events to process. These tensions make-up itself in the form of abdominal pain. This psychological stress is also in many adults the culprit!

Vomiting and diarrhea are not symptoms of colic. Go directly to the doctor. Also abdominal pain without vomiting may have different causes (eg appendicitis). It is therefore advisable to visit a doctor this out. Also the doctor will ask questions to see whether there is psychological stress. In severe mental problems

By Parenting Tips