How to Plan a Wedding When the Bride is Pregnant

Planning a wedding for a pregnant bride is the same as planning a wedding for bride who is not pregnant.

You would need all the same features for your wedding as you would whether you were pregnant or not. So the most important part of planning a wedding for a pregnant bride is the wedding date. You definitely want to keep it about two or three months away from the baby’s due date just in case you have an extra surprise on your ceremony. One of the important things to keep in mind when planning your wardrobe is to wear comfortable shoes. You definitely don’t want to be wearing high heels if you are really far along in your pregnancy. Try to keep with flats, and they have some really cute comfortable shoes that would look great with any dress as well. And then another important feature of course is the wedding dress. You can still look beautiful, and be comfortable. There’s lots of department stores that have beautiful maternity wedding dresses that you can wear. And just make sure that you feel beautiful in whatever you choose, and that you are also comfortable. And that it is something that can be resized if you tend to get bigger towards the wedding date. Another important feature in planning a wedding for a pregnant bride is planning the menu. Just try and keep in mind the menu items that a pregnant bride is not able to have. One of course would be alcohol. You want to make sure that you have some other choices other than champagne, which is a common choice for a wedding. Also choices that are harmful to pregnancies are seafood, fish with mercury, soft cheeses, caffeine, and unwashed vegetables. You just want to make sure that what ever you choose for your menu that the bride will also be able to enjoy. And also another important detail in planning your wedding is also planning the honeymoon. Make sure that wherever you choose to go you won’t need to have vaccinations, and then the closer that you get to your due date may also keep you from being able to travel any place extravagant. You will also want to be sure that you are near some place that has hospitals, and that your insurance if you happen to go into labor out of state or somewhere else, that your insurance will cover the hospital bills as well. 

Written by Shauna Jankoviak