Checklist for What to Bring on your Wedding Day

Pack an emergency kit for your wedding day, along with all of the items your wedding actually calls for, as far in advance as possible. 
Keep lists for each category and entrust your maid of honor or bridesmaid with the best organizational skills to carry your personal emergency kit and your last-minute wedding items. Preparing for mishaps ahead of time makes emergencies easier to deal with so you can get back to enjoying your wedding day. 

Plan Ahead
Write a list for your personal emergency kit a couple of weeks ahead of time. Give that list and any items you already have to your designated helper for the day. Choose someone who is extremely organized, but doesn’t have too many other responsibilities on the day of your wedding. She should then pick up any small extras that need to be included in your emergency kit the week before the wedding.

Make a list of each item you need to take to the wedding. Have all of these items in one central location the day before the wedding. Assign another person to keep track of these items, and work out any special arrangements for large, bulky items such as your wedding gown. 

Emergency Kit
Pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, breath mints, deodorant and your perfume. These can be small travel-sized bottles of your favorite products. Keep them in the purse of the responsible party for easy access. She should also keep pain reliever, antacid and any medication you normally take with her. Tissues or a small hankie are other must-haves for any tears of joy you may shed. Keep your cell phone with a list of other important numbers in her bag as well, including the cell number of everyone in the bridal party, all of your vendors, the limousine driver and anyone else you may have to contact on your wedding day.

Slip at least $20 cash into your emergency kit as well for any minor emergencies that may come up. Eat breakfast, no matter how busy you are, and keep energy bars, granola bars or other quick snacks on hand to keep your energy up.

Pack samples, bottles or tubes of lip gloss, lipstick, concealer, mascara, foundation and any other makeup you’re wearing. Don’t try to completely redo your makeup or hair before the reception, even if you hate the way it turned out. Starting all over at that point can, and probably will, make things much worse. Include a travel-size hairbrush or comb, small bottle of hairspray (which can help stop runs in your pantyhose as well as quick hair touch-ups), clear nail polish (for the pantyhose), your nail polish color for manicure or pedicure touch-ups, lotion and bobby pins for any stray hairs. Other essentials for your emergency kit are an extra pair of pantyhose if you’re wearing them, a travel sewing kit, double-sided tape (to keep clothes in place), bandages, superglue, safety pins, corsage pins, extra earring backs, scissors, tweezers, sanitary supplies, sunscreen (for outdoor weddings) and drinking straws so you don’t smudge your lipstick. 

Wedding Items
Make a separate list for another helper to ensure all of your wedding items arrive with you. Include bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, pins, the flower girl’s basket, ring bearer’s pillow, wedding bands, garter (if you’re wearing one), cake-cutting set, guest book and pen, unity candle, favors, music, maps and the groom’s gift. Add gifts for the bridal party if you’re not giving them out during the rehearsal dinner. 

Pack your “going-away” bag, including undergarments and shoes. Your honeymoon luggage should also be packed and ready to go if you’re leaving right away, including any plane tickets, passports and a list of confirmation numbers.

Delegate these tasks and include checklists for the responsible parties so everything goes the way you plan. Take deep breaths, relax and enjoy your special day.