Dating Single Parents

Now, when you think about dating, it creates a picture of just two people in your mind. Next, add some children in that picture. What did you get? No. It’s not a family. This picture might point to a very new concept in the world of parenthood known as ‘Single Parents’. All this time, you had been thinking of a perfect rendezvous with your beloved but knowing that you are dating or going to approach a single parent might make you shaky at the knees. In such circumstances, it is simple to follow some tips and advices. Discover the magic moves:

Some Tips and Advices:
If you are a woman dating a single father then keep these things in mind. He is a man; a working professional plus a mother at home too, so do not be impeccable about the cleanliness of the house. Commenting about it, might appear harsh. 
• Respect the decision of the person to be a single parent. Avoid asking the cause for it. At the same time do not say something which might make him/her feel that you are finding their fault. 
• As single parents they are very fond of their children as well as protective of them. Do not show your averseness in accepting their children in your life. Also do not comment anything on their upbringing of the children. 
• While striking up a conversation, ask her about how her children. Show genuine interest so that she can feel your concern. 
• Being a single parent leads him/her to face tough situations too. He/she might be emotionally shaken. Be his/her strength. Show your care and love to heal his/her wounds. Do not try to be sympathetic and never overdo it.
• Remember that he/she needs a companion who can give him/her support. Don’t be bossy. Spend time with him/her, share his/her pain and joy. Listen to him/her and be communicative. 
• Since he/she is a single parent, keep in mind that they are confident individuals. Do not try to be over possessive. Respect his/her freedom. 
• Spend time with her children as this can lead to a strong bonding between you two also. 
• Don’t lose your patience. A relationship with a single parent can be demanding so be generous with your time. 
• Never speak ill about his/her ex partner before his/her children or him/her. He/she expects you to be different from the person who is already gone. Saying something behind their back will only bring out your negative side. To be his/her future, the past needs to be ignored. 

If you are dating a single parent, picture yourself in the family before you start dating. After all you are certainly the new inclusion if you are determined to take it till marriage. Be confident and make things comfortable. Mix up well with the children and get to know them well. Just remember, with love and care you can win a million hearts with no extra effort.