Wedding Day Time Table

When you make your time table, (1) schedule each event and (2) plan enough time for it. The following chart will help you with the essentials; the spaces between each item will let you add the things that will be different for your wedding (you might get dressed at church instead of at home, etc.) Make sure your photographer, caterer, baker, florist, and musicians know your time table and that they approve any last minute changes. Go ahead and fill in as much of the information as possible right now while you are online and then print it out when you are done. If you are not certain of all the information right now, you can still fill it in later. 

What? Time 
1. Getting up/breakfast  
2. Dressing  
3. Leaving for the ceremony  
4. Photos before the ceremony  
5. Parents and guests arrive  
6. Wedding Ceremony begins  
7. Receiving Line  
8. Formal group photos (wedding party)  
9. Leaving for the reception  
10. Cocktail Hour (before couple arrives)  
11. Arriving at the reception  
12. Toast by Best Man (and others)  
13. Reception Meal  
14. Cake Cutting  
15. Bridal Dance  
16. Dancing  
17. Bride and Groom change clothes  
18. Bride and Groom leave reception  
19. Reception ends  

NOTE: If you are going to change clothes at the reception, make sure someone will take care of the gown and tuxedo.