Checklist for a Road Trip

Road trip, as most of the people know was a completely ‘mad’ movie. It was a hilarious and interesting portrayal, of the causes and consequences of a road trip, undertaken by the main characters of that movie. But hey, they faced a lot of unexpected and strange incidences, which maybe you would not, I am sure. So the best way to ensure that your road trip is hassle free, is to prepare a checklist. This will help you to chart out the trip better, and have a good, enjoyable trip.

So check out the check list for a road trip –
Better Safe Than Worry: Surely, you would not want to mess up your road trip on account of a freak accident. So better be on the safer side and do not forget to carry a first aid safety kit.

License to Kill?: Make sure you are carrying your driving license and vehicle registration documents, for you never know when you’d need them. That doesn’t mean that you have a license to kill. Be safe, avoid accidents. 

The ‘Buck’ Stops Here: Carry adequate amount of money, depending on the duration of the trip. Carry a sufficient amount of cash and plastic money (credit cards) as well, just in case the paper money gives way to environmental factors.

‘Eat’inerary: Well, well, for the foodies, this is the most important part. If you are the one who lives to eat and if you are going to be accompanied by your kind of friends, carry a truckload of food. If the trip is sans a lot of foodies, still carry an adequate amount of food and drinks. But people, it is important to remember that it is advisable not to carry any intoxicating substances. You would not want to land up behind bars, instead of a picturesque place!

Wipe it Off: Hand sanitizers, tissues, paper towels and the likes, are very important. If there is a baby, then, you know what to carry and what to not! You’ll probably need a very large bag but make sure you do not forget these important things.

Sense the Dress: You never know what the weather gods, have in store for you. One moment it may be bright and sunny and the next it could rain cats and dogs. So don’t let these weather gods spoil the broth! Oops I meant your trip fun. Carry an extra pair of clothes.

Way to Go: Going to an unknown place and getting lost is not an idea one would relish. So if you don’t want that to happen, maps are always there to help. If there is GPS navigation in your car, well, then the poor map is rendered useless, but either of these will make things easier. In most tourist places, there is a tourism information center, where you can grab hold of free maps for the region.

Tire’d?: Of course you are not tired! By tire’d, I refer to the car tires. The day before you embark on road trip, check the tires for air and the overall condition of the car, i.e. the gasoline, brakes, accelerators, mirror and so on. Being stranded due to a flat tire can dampen the whole spirit of the trip. Also, check the car safety devices installed in the car.

Big in the Small
You must be wondering what these things, which should be a part of the road trip checklist, are. After covering the major points I thought I might ramble upon a few points, that are so silly that they are very easily forgotten. These are things which are ‘spur of the moment’ and circumstantial, like sunglasses, baby stuff, diary to write the chronicles of your trip, a camera, your cell phone and charger, signal boosters, etc. Even some recreational stuff like cards, frisbees should be taken along. Jot down all of this, and anything else that you might think of, so that you don’t forget anything in a last minute hurry. Though these seem inconsequential, you never know what you’d miss out on, without them!

I know for a fact, that nothing can hamper your fun, if you take the help of this checklist while planning road trip! Ultimately, it is the journey which matters more, not the destination. So enjoy the ride!