How to Re-Claim Passion in Your Life

If you want to create more passion in your life or reclaim passion that is currently not there in your life, this article will give you some ideas.
At some point in our lives we’ve all experienced total passion for life and living. We’ve all been involved in something that really got us excited and we couldn’t wait to have a similar experience all over again soon.

The best physical example we could give you of passion in action is to have you think of any child that you know. Chances are better than excellent that the child that you thought of is full of energy about something that they are passionate about. Our son used to love Poke’mon cards and playing his Playstation. He enthusiastically got up at 6:30 AM on the weekends to play a playstation game, but during the week he had to drag himself out of bed to go to school.

We are no different from our son or the child that you may have thought of.

Ask yourself, do you have more energy when you get up at 6AM to go to work on Monday morning or when you get up early to leave on a vacation?

We’ve heard football announcers and commentators on TV talk about how certain players can really “get up for the big game.” What they’re talking about is that player rejuvenating his fire or passion for the sport he loves by “getting up” for the big game against their arch rival.

There is an ease and a flow in your life when you do things that you love and when you are with people who you are passionate about.

We have found the secret to increasing passion in our lives is to follow these very simple ideas.

1) Find something that you can really get excited about.

This can be something from your past, something you do now that you want to do more of or it can be something you’ve been thinking about doing.

We were at a gathering yesterday and saw what it was like when someone who was deeply depressed remembered an activity that she had been passionate about in years past. She left the gathering with a renewed passion for that activity and for life, resolving to spend some time each week doing what she loved.

2) Eliminate the things in your life that you aren’t passionate about.

We’re not saying that you have to quit your job or leave a partner when the passion has left. But, it is important to eliminate as many things as possible in your life that don’t bring you passion and joy.

In Susie’s current job she used to find herself traveling all over the country, attending meetings and getting involved in association activities and events. When it ceased to be a passion for her, she decided to start eliminating those things that she no longer wanted to do.

Now we know that it’s not always possible to eliminate all the unpleasant things you have to do. But, it’s usually possible to think of new ways of doing those things which may bring some passion back to your work experience. The same thing could work in your personal life and relationships. If you’re not excited about your life, find something to get excited about. If you’re not excited about your relationships, find something about your relationships to get excited about.

3) Focus on the good and the positive aspects of your mate, your job and your life instead of focusing on the negative qualities.

What we do is focus on the good qualities about each other instead of spending a time dwelling on the negative. After we resolve conflicts with each other, we do not rehash them with friends. In our minds, we go back to the qualities we love about the other. This way we are more likely to attract more of what we want into our lives instead of what we don’t want.

Several years ago, Susie was able to rekindle the passion for her work and work environment by focusing her thoughts each morning during her hourlong commute. She imagined the things she appreciated about each of her co-workers and focused on the activities that brought her joy during the day. This changed the atmosphere of her work environment and this positive attitude has even spread to the other employees.

So if passion is missing in your life try at least one of our suggestions and we think you’ll see a difference.

By Susie and Otto Collins