Four ways to Liven up a Drab Kitchen

(ARA) – When you have a big gathering at your house, no matter where you try to set up the food and beverages, the crowd inevitably ends up gathering in your kitchen. The problem is you may not be proud of the kitchen you have. 

So what do you do? There are many different ways for you to take your existing, drab kitchen and turn it into a place that you are not only proud to show off to your friends, but have no problem making the center of your next party. 

Getting new appliances is one of the more obvious moves you can make to change the look of your kitchen. 

Stainless steel appliances look sleek and newer models don’t show fingerprints as much as older versions. New technology and design offers better-tasting water from dispensers inside the refrigerator and on the door. Dishwashers are quieter and microwaves more powerful than ever. 

However, new appliances can be extremely expensive, and out of the reach of many if you’re on a budget. 

One underrated technique for upgrading your kitchen: get rid of your old, discolored, chipped countertop. If you want a completely new look or shape to your countertop, concrete has become a surface that is extremely popular. Concrete is gaining popularity because it can be designed virtually any way you want it. 

“Unlike other hard surfaces, concrete is not limited to square or diamond patterns and not limited in colors,” says Jim Peterson, president of, which offers a variety of kitchen counter and floor designs, useful tips, and contact information for local contractors in your area. “You are limited in what you can do with granite; not with concrete.” 

Concrete kitchen countertops can be manipulated and poured into whatever shape you’d like. Special dyes and stains can be used to color your concrete countertop to match almost any look you are going for. You can create a functional and beautiful workspace in the smallest of kitchens. 

When it comes to your kitchen floor, concrete is also as viable an option as wood, linoleum or tile. 

Concrete offers endless possibilities when it comes to design. You aren’t limited to the size or color of ceramic tiles found in your local store. You can choose finishes that resemble tile, slate, or brick, which are popular textures for achieving a warm, natural feel and they complement stone and wood. Or, finishings can create a more refined, polished look, emitting the texture and feel of quarried stone like marble. 

Concrete kitchen floors are resistant to chipping, discoloring or warping, which wood, tile and linoleum can’t claim, while at the same time handling the elements of foot traffic and spills with ease. 

With either floors or countertops, customization can be done to meet your preferences, or have a less customized look that will fit your budget while still giving you a unique design element. 

Check out to find concrete contractors in your area that can help in redesigning your kitchen. 

Changing your kitchen cabinets is another kitchen improvement option. There is room to spend as much or as little as you want and still be able to have a huge impact. 

On the more expensive end, you can rip apart your entire kitchen and replace all of your cabinets, using higher-end materials and colors that better suit you. 

New space-saving cabinet innovations include pantries that can slide out, so no more worrying about how long that box of crackers has been collecting dust in the back; it’s all there for you to see when you pull the drawer open. 

On the less expensive side, sanding and painting your cabinetry is an option – depending on the material you have. Another possibility is changing out the hardware: Hinges and handles in a new color or material will go a long way to making your kitchen look like a new, more welcoming room. 

Courtesy of ARAcontent