Is He Cheating on Me?

You have a sneaking suspicion that your partner is cheating on you. Perhaps you’ve already taken note of some warning signs of infidelity. You’re in love with them and want to trust them, but some things are just not adding up. Let me say first you shouldn’t blame yourself. Your lover’s cheating is absolutely not your fault! Nothing justifies cheating in a relationship, period. If you are being cheated on, you deserve so much better! Read on to the 3 warning signs of infidelity below if you’re ready to stop being cheated on. 

#1 White Lies
Small lies about apparently unimportant things is one of the first warning signs of infidelity. These can simply be about when he paid the phone bill, or whether she “forgot” she had to work late. Cheaters feel like they need to cover their tracks so they’ll lie about things they wouldn’t normally lie about in order to dodge possible suspicion there. 

#2 Lookin’ Good, Feelin Not
Your spouse has begun to take better care of their appearance, however your sex life has noticeably suffered. She’s spending more time wearing make up and wearing sexier clothes, or he’s wearing cologne, shaving and wearing nice shirts. (By the way, do you know where those new clothes came from?) And yet they’re not in the mood for making love as often as they used to be. Doesn’t make sense, does it? These warning signs of infidelity are an indicator of possibly seeing someone on the side. 

#3 A Little Paranoid
As said in #1, cheaters feel like they must cover all their bases to ensure they don’t seem suspicious in any regard. So if you say something that gives a hint of doubting them, they will react defensively. For example you could jokingly say, “I know where you really where last night”, and your spouse may react like, “What are you talking about? What do you mean?” They might even accuse you of cheating! These warning signs of infidelity may be subtle, but they are still important. 

So you’ve looked at these warning signs of infidelity and feel even more sure. Now what do you do? I can say one thing for certain: don’t confront your spouse right away. Gather your emotions and evidence first. If you accuse them and appear unstable and emotional, the cheater will be in control. 

They will take the opportunity to appear calm, collected, and rational while you’re a mess. Don’t give them this opportunity! Act as if you don’t suspect anything and they will become overly confident, making it more likely to make a mistake and give you more warning signs of infidelity. Gather up these warning signs of infidelity. Express yourself to a close friend or family member (who you know you’re partner isn’t involved with) so you don’t feel like an emotional time bomb ready to explode. Good luck!

Stop being hurt and lied to! Click here for even more warning signs of infidelity, confrontation tips, ways of getting solid proof, and most importantly, learning to heal after being cheated on. You deserve the truth. 

By Marcy Kitten