Flirting on Facebook

It seems that facebook is a more practical place to meet singles as opposed to some of the free and paid dating sites. Instead of some fabricated profile that may or may not be true, you have the real personality to view in day to day interaction. 
You also have references in the form of facebook friends. What dating site has this? So how do you turn facebook into your own personal dating site? It starts with broadening your friends network and a little facebook flirting.

You have to remember, friends have friends who have friends that have other single friends, brothers and sisters
. The broader your network, the greater your chances are of finding romance. The broader your network the more opportunities you will have for flirting on facebook.

To flirt on facebook, you pay attention to the posters and commentors. It may not be the poster that gets your attention, but someone commenting. Toss in your own comment. Make it funny, witty and humorous to get the attention. The more you interact with friends and friends of friends, the bigger your playground for facebook flirting will become. The friend request will come. It does not hurt to make a few friend requests of your own either. What do you have to lose?

This process may not go along as rapidly as it could on a real on line dating site, as it will take much longer. Think of it this way. The wait creates anticipation and the anticipation creates a stronger attraction and bond. Flirting on facebook may not bring instant gratification, but it certainly increases your chances for long term satisfation.

If you can send a flirty text message, you can surely practice some facebook flirting. If you are not skilled at sexting or sending flirty text messages, there are tons of resources out there to fine tune your skills, take advantage of them. Facebook flirting is fun!