Finding Love Online

(ARA) – Whether you live near or far, technology has a major impact now on how you connect to those you care about. Keeping in touch with your loved one 24/7 has never been easier. Send an e-mail, make a Web video, go online and chat, create your own blog, send a romantic text message — the ideas are as endless as the technology. 
However, even for those who are tech savvy, finding love can still be a problem. Connecting to Mom through your Blackberry is fine, but how can you find true romance with a keypad? Technology can play a key role here, too. For those looking to start their love story, online dating or what is now known as Dating 2.0 — a combination of Web video, text messaging, and social networking — can help you expand your dating horizons. 

Your dating pool is now only limited by the amount of effort you put into it, says Dr. Belisa, a renowned clinical psychologist and relationship columnist. With millions of Americans joining the online dating scene, Dr. Belisa offers these five tips to give you a serious leg up on the competition: 

1. Write a Winning Profile. 
Have friends of the opposite sex review your profile before posting it. Let them give you feedback on odd words or clichés that may turn off another person or help you find other phrases that may help you turn them on. 

2. Know Your Competition. 
Check out who you are up against. Browse through the online personals and review who your competition is. 

3. Don’t Be Boring. Use Your Thesaurus. 
Why say you’re nice 10,000 times? Say you’re terrific, fabulous, intriguing, romantic, stimulating, fascinating. Go online and check out your thesaurus or use the old fashioned book. Keep your profile interesting or your potential mate is going to lose interest and check out someone else who sounds more exciting and interesting than plain old Mr. Nice Guy. 

4. Don’t Wing It. 
Take the time. This is love! Don’t rush the profile. You may want to come off as being laid back, but even a calm and cool persona takes some effort. 

5. Went On A Date and It Fizzled Out? Ask Why. 
It’s OK to ask for feedback. You can always learn from your mistakes. 

So, after you connect with someone special, how do you navigate the new social technology to take your relationship to the next level? Dr. Belisa says that even if you are getting help with your writing, one of the most important things is to make sure you sound passionate. Don’t forget to combine this new social technology with old school romance and tradition. Send a handwritten note after an all-night emailing session. 

Another option, floral experts say, is to go with a time-tested favorite: fresh flowers. You can easily send flowers anywhere using a national service such as 1-800-FLOWERS, and make a very positive impression on your potential mate. Combining the old with the new only makes your point stronger. 

Just be careful you don’t fall in love too fast. Get to know the person on the other end of the computer well before you decide you are a match made in heaven. Just because you have similar interests, doesn’t mean you are soul mates. 

Connecting to the ones you love is no longer about signing a card and tossing it into the mail. Technology lets you connect and push the limit on creativity. Whatever is in your head or your heart can be sent in a second. And with all this technology you don’t even have to wait for Cupid to aim an arrow, you can do it yourself! 

Courtesy of ARAcontent