Easy Bath Improvement For The Not So Handy

(ARA) – Tired of your boring bathroom, but don’t think you have the home improvement skills to update it? Stop doubting yourself and make some quick and easy changes that will dramatically improve the look and functionality of your bath, all without calling a contractor. 

Masterpiece mirrors 

Occupying a majority of wall space in most baths, plate-glass mirrors are functional, yet not very aesthetically pleasing. To solve this problem, add easy-to-install mirror frames, such as Mirrorscapes by Moen, which are available in five different styles and a variety of finishes to beautifully coordinate in your bath. 

All you need for this project is a measuring tape, marker, a saw and about 30 minutes. Mirrorscapes proprietary installation system makes transforming a plate-glass mirror quick, easy and secure. Installation templates perfectly position the mounting brackets, ensuring proper alignment of the frame straights and decorative corners. No angled miter cuts are necessary. 

“The system is nearly error-proof,” says Tim Bitterman, group product manager for Creative Specialties International. “The template pieces ensure perfect alignment, while the decorative corner frame pieces cover straight-end frame pieces – to disguise most cutting errors.” 

Pretty painting 

Adding color can dramatically transform any room, and luckily painting is an extremely simple project. However, success lies in the initial preparation and tools you use to get the job done. 

Before you even open a can of paint, be sure to repair any holes or cracks, wash the walls, tape off trim and windows and cover furniture and floors with canvas or plastic drop cloths. Next, be sure you have a quality paint brush and roller cover – as cheap options can lose bristles, shed or spread paint unevenly. Finally, choose a quality latex paint, such as Dutch Boy, in your favorite color and start painting. By using preparatory steps and products like the pros, you’ll ensure your end results will look like you hired a costly professional. 

Admirable accessories 

Since your paper holder, tank lever or towel bars in the bath are functional, you may have never thought about replacing them. However, this simple project takes minutes, requires no special tools, and new updated styles and finishes can greatly enhance the look and functionality of your bath. 

Start by choosing accessories that coordinate with the other finishes in your bath. Manufacturers, such as Moen, offer a variety of styles that perfectly match or coordinate with the style and finish of your faucet. To keep towels off the floor and clutter off the countertops, add unique accessories, such as a double towel bar or glass shelf. To entice you to change the paper, update your spring-loaded paper holder with a pivoting paper holder. Finally, add a distinctive touch with a perfectly coordinating decorative tank lever. 

Each of these accessories installs in minutes. Just screw the mounting hardware into the wall and lock the decorative accessory into place. Toilet tank levers are equally as easy – no need to turn off the water or drain the tank. 

Stylish safety 

With its wet and hard surfaces, the bathroom is a danger zone for slips and falls. Luckily, grab bars, an ideal way to prevent falls, are now easy to install and stylish too. Like accessories, choose a grab bar in a finish and style that coordinates with your bath. Moen’s SecureMount Grab Bars are available in a variety of styles, finishes and lengths and feature an exclusive installation system that will give even a novice DIYer peace of mind. Simply drill a hole in the location you would like the grab bar (no need to find a stud); install the SecureMount Anchor into the hole, screw on the mounting hardware and attach the grab bar. 

Each of these simple projects can be accomplished with very little expertise, time or expense – but your enjoyment of your new bath will be immeasurable. For additional product or design inspiration, visit www.moen.com. 

Courtesy of ARAcontent