Bathroom remodeling ideas: from small to total overhaul

(ARA) – Ready to give your bathroom a facelift, but can’t decide what changes to make? From tubs to toilets to tile, the sky is the limit when it comes to bathroom renovations, even if budget is not. 
Whether you are planning some small do-it-yourself changes, or a major overhaul, here are some fresh ideas for bathroom remodeling that will help you build the smart, stylish, and functional bathroom of your dreams. 

Start living large 
Feeling crowded in a small bathroom? For a small-budget fix-up, replace your old space-wasting vanity with a smart open-design style that maximizes storage, while visually opening up the room. If your project is major and you are opening the walls, replace your floor-mounted toilet in favor of a wall-mounted toilet, such as Porcher Solutions Dual Flush toilet, which stows the water tank behind the wall. The Porcher Solutions toilet is water-wise, as well as space-savvy, and the EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor causing bacteria, mold and mildew on the surface. 

Focus on your faucet 
If you have a small budget, making a simple change like updating a bathroom faucet and accessories can still have a dramatic impact on the style of the room. Faucets with the Speed Connect drain can be installed in minutes, and reflect any decor choice, from traditional to minimalist in popular finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze and polished chrome. Change light fixtures and drawer pulls to match your faucet, splurge on some updated colors for towels and rugs and you have a beautiful before-and-after makeover of your very own. 

Think accessible 
A bathroom remodel is a great time to invest in fixtures that will allow you and your loved ones to remain independent in your home through illness, aging or other unforeseen events. The best products also work great and feel terrific in the here and now. A taller, Right Height toilet is a luxurious comfort. If you rarely use your bathtub, it can be easily replaced with an acrylic seated-safety shower unit that simply slides into your existing tub recess. Optional acrylic surrounds are easy to install and easy to keep clean, while the integral seat provides a safe option for both bathing and shaving. 

Go green to save green 
The cost of water will be rising, so get ahead of the curve by choosing toilets, faucets and showerheads that carry the EPA’s WaterSense certification label. The label assures that you won’t be sacrificing performance.